Publication of the book “Preclinical Training in Paediatric Dentistry”

Publication of the book "Preclinical Training in Paediatric Dentistry"
The University of Barcelona has recently published the teaching text "Formación preclínica en Odontopediatría", coordinated by Dr. Boj.

Publication of the book “Preclinical Training in Paediatric Dentistry”

Preclinical training in Pediatric Dentistry is the translation of the name of the new text book published by the Universitat de Barcelona.  The Spanish name of this book published recently is “Formación preclínica en Odontopediatría”.

This textbook was written by Dr. Juan Ramón Boj Quesada, Professor and Chair of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Barcelona, Dr. Beatriz Auría Martín, Dr. Olga Cortés Lillo, Dr. Chiara Stucchi and Dr. Enric Espasa.

The publishing house of the University of Barcelona publishes books and teaching texts aimed at disseminating knowledge among the reading public interested in training and dissemination in the scientific, research and pedagogical-teaching fields, and places the works on the publishing market.

Specifically, the teaching texts aim to facilitate the learning of the different subjects, from a more practical perspective, thus responding to the training and teaching needs, and also to the demand of the students of the University of Barcelona.


To whom Preclinical training in Pediatric Dentistry is addressed to?

This recently published manual, aimed at third year dental students, facilitates the learning of the preclinical knowledge in pediatric dentistry. Also, it constitutes the first year or preclinical curriculum for students, as well as the acquisition of the necessary competencies for its application in patients. On this case, the knowledge acquired by students is worked on patients in the clinical practices of the following year.

The book has a holistic view of pediatric dentistry and is focused on the overall health of the child. Furthermore, it includes a graphic approach that helps to understand both concepts and procedures.

Specifically, the seventeen chapters of the book “Preclinical training in Pediatric Dentistry” follows a logical order, from the theoretical basis to diagnostics and complementary tests, to the resolution of real clinical cases.

In addition, in order to make the book easy and visual for the student to understand, several tables and illustrations have been incorporated. Without doubt, it will help them with the understanding of the concepts and steps to be followed.

The aim of the authors of “Preclinical training in Pediatric Dentistry” has been to bring pediatric dentistry closer to the student within the undergraduate studies. The objective is to teach students how pediatric dentistry works. For sure, this wills allow future promotions of dentists to have greater knowledge of this specialty. Also, it will make them feel more familiar with the treatment and management of pediatric patients and their families.


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