Oral surgery

Children and teenager's oral surgery

Oral surgery in children, teenagers and young adults unite a series of special characteristics, such as the need of a professional trained in specific surgery techniques, as well as knowledgeable in the anatomic and physiological variations related to anatomy in paediatric or juvenile patients.  Over more, the paediatric or juvenile dentist has to be familiar with the conduct guide to achieve a successful and simple procedure for the child, teenager or young adult

When is oral surgery necessary?

Several surgery procedures are routinely performed in paediatric dental clinics, without the need of general anesthesia, otherwise considered necessary under certain circumstances. The most common oral surgery is tooth extraction of both, temporary and permanent teeth, as well as surgeries of lingual frenum, superior lip frenum, inferior lip frenum surgeries, operculectomy, and finally, biopsy of some types of lesion appearing in the oral cavity. Some of these surgeries are performed in babies and/or young children (such as lingual frenum surgery or operculectomy) and others when the child is already a teenager (such as the superior lip or inferior lip frenum surgeries). Before performing a surgical procedure, the paediatric or juvenile dentist has to evaluate all factors of the oral surgical technique, as in some cases coping behavior needs additional help of pharmacological techniques.

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Laser oral surgery

Benefits of oral surgery treatment with laser technology

Laser surgery is used in paediatric and juvenile dentistry as a newer tool, or as a complement to, or substituting conventional methods. In the past, surgery procedures in soft tissues were frequently rejected because these were impossible to perform without general anesthesia due to lack of cooperation problems because of young age of the paediatric patients. Several authors describe the use of laser, both in soft and hard tissues, as comfortable and better accepted by paediatric or juvenile patients and their families, reducing psychological stress and fear during the dental visit. Over more, the use of laser in paediatric or juvenile oral surgery improves and reduces the unpleasant post-operatory time, diminishing inflammation and accelerating the healing process of the affected area.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is the most frequent oral surgery in paediatric and juvenile dentistry, although nowadays it is used less and less. Tooth extraction may be necessary in both, temporary or permanent teeth. 

Tooth extraction