Dental reconstruction

Reconstruction of teeth

Generally speaking, an esthetic dental reconstruction process in children is not necessary in case of dental concussion or dental dislocation or displacement, although, without doubt, its treatment by a paediatric dentist will be necessary.

How do you reconstruct a broken tooth?

Dental reconstruction is a procedure addressed to restore a tooth that has lost a part of its structure due to three possible reasons: a fracture caused by a dental trauma, a tooth with an original defect that forces it to be reconstructed or by cavities caused by caries. The paediatric and juvenile dentist´s objective is to keep the tooth in its place and solve the functional and esthetic problem of the baby, child or teenager.

This dental procedure is normally associated to the reconstruction of the crown of the tooth with porcelain or composite resin materials so similar to the original tooth that it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other. At present, dental crown reconstruction with composite resin material is excellent.

Dental reconstruction
Dental reconstruction

How much is it to reconstruct your teeth?

Sometimes parents phone the dental paediatrician clinic to ask the cost to reconstruct their child´s broken tooth. We shouldn’t forget that half of all kids suffer a dental trauma at some point of their childhood. The more frequent ones are: falling, followed by car and bicycle accidents, and finally, while playing sports.

The price of the tooth crown reconstruction will depend on the quantity of structure left, how difficult the treatment will be, the surgery time and the materials employed. Generally speaking, in dental paediatric clinics we use composite resin material to reconstruct the tooth because it has successful functional and esthetics results in the long run.

How long does it take to rebuild a tooth?

When the reconstruction of a tooth takes place, we will have to evaluate the extent of the crown area of the tooth non affected, the need to develop a previous pulpotomy or pulpectomy treatment, the exact location of the cavity or the dental fracture, depending on the case, and the materials that will be needed to perform all the previous steps, as well as the type of cooperation expected from the patient. The time needed for the esthetic dental reconstruction will vary depending on all of these factors. After a prior evaluation of the case, the dental paediatrician will guide the parents through the timing of their child’s treatment.

Dental reconstruction