Sugar and oral health in children and teenagers

Consumo de azúcar y salud dental
High sugar consumption can seriously damage children's dental health, so it is advisable to control daily intake to avoid problems.

Sugar and oral health in children and teenagers

Sugar and oral health are closely related. Many parents ask us about this in the dental clinic. This is because, in some cases, the caries that occur can grow very large and destroy dental tissue to the point of causing tooth fractures.


How does sugar affect your oral health?


A high sugar intake can seriously damage children’s dental health. Therefore, it is advisable to control the daily intake of free sugars and all types of sugars to avoid oral health problems.


Does quitting sugar help oral health?

Undoubtedly, these 4 chocolate cookies (33.6 g of sugar) illustrate how tissues decompose and dental pieces are lost through destruction due to caries that progress. It is curious to note that these 4 cookies are equivalent to 8.4 sugar cubes. Moreover, in this case, the risk of caries is increased by the adhesion of chocolate to the grooves and fissures, mainly in the molars.


It has been shown that it takes many hours for the chocolate to dissolve completely. And all this, in spite of brushing and flossing. For this reason, it is not enough just to brush your teeth; you also have to regulate the consumption of chocolate and other products with large amounts of sugar.



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