Pediatric dentist near me: Dr. Boj’s new book presentation

Reconocido odontopediatra en Barcelona: nuevo libro Odonto Pediatría del Dr. Boj
El libro es una recopilación de los contenidos necesarios de la Odontopediatría

Pediatric dentist near me: Dr. Boj’s new book

For sure, having a pediatric dentist near me like Dr. Boj and his team is a privilege for families living in the city of Barcelona and surrounding areas. Undoubtedly, his new book Odonto Pediatría bebés, niños y adolescentes is a reference in the sector in the Spanish-speaking world.

Last week, more than 500 professionals attended the XLI Annual Meeting of the “Sociedad Española de Odontopediatría” (SEOP). It was held in Madrid during three days, from May 15th to 18th, 2019.

At this Congress, the book “Pediatric Dentistry: babies, children and teenagers”, coordinated by Professor Juan Ramón Boj, was presented.

In summary, this book offers all necessary contents for frequently asked questions on Pediatric Dentistry. It is basically a textbook. It also contains numerous color photos and figures for a better understanding.


What age is a child for pediatric dentistry?


Specifically, pediatric dentists solve dental problems for children from babies (mother and child dentistry) until they become young adults by age eighteen.

Without a doubt, the pediatric dentist is an essential figure to achieve optimal oral health from the earliest childhood. This covers the period since the first milk tooth appears (erupts) before the first birthday until the end of growth.



What is the difference between a pediatric dentist and a dentist?


Specifically, pediatric dentists specialize in the major changes that children undergo in the oral area during growth. These include dental development, from the appearance of primary teeth to the subsequent change to permanent dentition. Finally, in the last stage of growth, the eruption of the wisdom teeth.

Therefore, they focus in the specific problems of childhood, such as preventing the appearance of caries, studying the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry. All of this, once they have graduated previously getting the degree of doctors in dental medicine.


What does a pediatric dentist near me treat?


During several stages, the pediatric dentist intervenes in children’s dental health. Pediatric dentists near our location offer care on:

a) the teeth and gums

prevention and dental treatments, both on milk teeth and permanent teeth. Also, brushing techniques and oral hygiene to prevent problems, as well as on

b) bone structure development

important for orthodontic treatments, if necessary for the child’s dental care.


Thus, by treating the different oral diseases, finding a pediatric dentist helps oral health to be kept in the best conditions when the child reaches adulthood.


Finally, we would like to highlight again the positive aspects of having a dental clinic with a recognized pediatric dentist in Barcelona. Book an appointment, zip code Barcelona 08021, here.



pediatric dentist near me


Chapters of the book on Pediatric Dentistry by Dr. Boj


The following is the index of the chapters of Dr. Boj’s recently published book on Pediatric Dentistry:


1: Pediatric Dentistry.

2: Clinical history and examination.

3: Diagnosis and treatment plan.

4: Morphological considerations of the primary dentition.

5: Craniofacial growth and development of the dental arches.

6: Dental development.

7: Disorders of dental eruption.

8: Psychological development.

9: Guidance for patient and parent behavior.

10: Physiological principles and medication in childhood.

11: Early dental hygiene and care.

12: Oral pathology.

13: Pathology of the jaws.

14: Anomalies of the developing dentition: number, size, shape, structure and color.

15: Dental materials.

16: Tooth decay.

17: Preventive Pediatric Dentistry.

18: Local anesthesia.

19: Isolation of the operative field.

20: Pit and fissure sealants.

21: Restoration of posterior teeth.

22: Restoration of anterior teeth.

23: Restoration with dental crowns.

24: Dentistry for babies (mother and baby dentistry).

25: Early childhood caries.

26: Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization.

27: Hypomineralization of second primary molars.

28: Pulp treatment in baby teeth (primary dentition).

29: Pulp treatment in young permanent dentition.

30: Dental traumatology.

31: Traumatic lesions in primary dentition.

32: Traumatic injuries in young permanent dentition.

33: Sports dentistry.

34: Associated procedures of oral surgery.

35: Extractions.

36: Laser treatments.

37: Periodontal problems in the child.

38: Space maintenance.

39: Pediatric prosthodontics.

40: Oral hygiene, habits and brushing techniques.

41: Early treatment of malocclusion.

42: General orthodontic treatment in the young permanent teeth.

43: Orthodontic Implants.

44: Dentistry in pediatric patients with other needs. Intellectual and sensory problems (neurodevelopmental disorders).

45: Dentistry in pediatric patients with other needs. Systemic pathology I.

46: Dentistry in pediatric patients with other needs. Systemic pathology II.

47: Craniofacial malformations I.

48: Craniofacial malformations II.

49: Sedation.

50: Sedation with nitrous oxide oxygen.

51: General anesthesia.

52: Prevention of infective endocarditis.

53: Medical emergencies.

54: Dental emergencies.

55: Pediatric Dentistry Consultation.

56: Ergonomics.

57: Pediatric dentistry in solidarity.

58: Traditional Chinese medicine and pediatric dentistry.


In summary, the presentation of Dr. Boj’s book, a recognized pediatric dentist near me in Barcelona, showed the main data on Pediatric Dentistry.




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