IMPULS Award to Pediatric Dentistry collected by Dr. Boj

impuls award to pediatric dentistry

IMPULS Award to Pediatric Dentistry collected by Dr. Boj

Presently, the IMPULS Award is an honorary award that rewards some Master’s Degree programs. Specifically, the University of Barcelona (UB) recognizes through this award the effort made in the area in Pediatric Dentistry in its postdoctoral program.

impuls award to pediatric dentistry


IMPULS Award to Pediatric Dentistry 


Recently, Prof. Boj, Chairman in Pediatric Dentistry, received this award. Additionally, he was Founder and Director of the Master’s Degree Program in Pediatric Dentistry of the UB Medicine and Health Sciences’ School.

Specifically, the ceremony was held on May 4, 2023, in the emblematic Paranimfo Hall of the University of Barcelona. Furthermore, the ceremony was presided over by the Principal of the UB, Prof. Joan Guardia.


impuls award to pediatric dentistry

Dr. Boj greeting the members of the presidential table after receiving the award.


Additionally, the ceremony was marked by the memory of Mr. Francesc Santacana and Prof. Joan María Malapeira. Undeniably, both represent two emblematic personalities of the Institution and give name to the IL3-UB awards.


impuls award to pediatric dentistry

Dr. Boj after receiving the award, with a general view of the UB’s Paranimfo Hall.


Undoubtedly, the premiere of this 1st edition of the IMPULS Awards for Continuous Education has been very emotional. Consequently, we would like to congratulate all the award winners.

What treatments or activities are performed in Pediatric Dentistry?


Without doubt, the most common sets of treatments performed by pediatric dentists are focused on taking care of child & juvenile oral health. Among them, we can mention:

a) Prevention of dental caries.

b) Tooth decay treatment.

c) Dental trauma treatment.

d) Early orthodontic treatment.


Finally, it should be noted that there are many other aspects different between general dentistry and pediatric dentistry. For example, we should mention behaviour management of children in dental clinics. Undoubtedly, Dr. Boj is also a recognized professional in this field.




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